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BRTV Praised the Three-in-one Voluntary Public Welfare Program “Love for Heiyagou” Carried out by BHAP

12月08日 2020

On December 6, in its Good Morning Beijing column, BRTV reported and praised a public welfare program of BHAP. This three-in-one voluntary program called “Love for Heiyagou” has been held for six consecutive years at Fuping County, Hebei Province. 

Fuping Country lies in the hinterland of Taihang Mountain in Hebei Province. It used to be the seat of Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei government during the Anti-Japanese War. As a national poverty-stricken country, it has been facing issues related to backward education and difficult employment.  Since 2015, BHAP has carried out the “Love for Heiyagou” three-in-one voluntary program consecutively. In the “student assistance and education-aided poverty alleviation” part of the program, properties like desks, chairs, sports and recreation articles, and electrified classrooms were donated to improve teaching and learning environment of local primary schools, and active coordination was made with Hebei enterprises to provide production and management posts. In the “targeted recruitment and employment-aided poverty alleviation” part, a chain effect was created to relieve local residents from poverty by enrolling their family members. In the “young voluntary teachers and red education” part, leaders, party members, and  Communist Youth League members were organized to aid education depending on the characteristics of old revolutionary base areas.

In recent years,in addition to the existing public welfare program, BHAP introduced a Love Scholarship and a one-to-one assistance system to better support growth of poor students. The offices, labor union, and party committee of BHAP have engaged in active purchases of local agricultural and sideline products to help local poor households increase income and promote consumption-driven poverty alleviation.

Love is boundless and should be spread all over the world. As an integrated global automotive part group, BHAP HAP will keep adhering to its social responsibilities, devote itself to public welfare undertaking, promote implementation of more public welfare activities, and assume the role of a responsible corporate citizen.