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BHAP Won “As One, For One” Award at BBAC Supplier Day

12月16日 2020

On December 15, 2020 BBAC Supplier Day with a theme of “Proud” was held in Beijing. The event was attended by leaders and managers from BAIC Group, Daimler Greater China and BBAC, and representatives of suppliers. BBAC 2020 excellent suppliers were honored during the meeting. BHAP won “As One, For One” Award, Langfang Leoni Harness won “Never Given In” Award, and Beijing Adient won “Loyal Companion” Award. 


For years, BHAP has been fully committed to meeting customer needs. By constantly developing its supporting functions and fulfilling responsibilities as an automotive part enterprise, BHAP provides automobile OEM customers with top-grade products and dependable services. In their way forward, the customers always have the backing of BHAP as the most loyal partner. In 2020, BHAP assumed full responsibilities and took proper actions in the double campaigns of pandemic control and customer supply. While implementing all necessary pandemic prevention measures strictly, BHAP completely aligned its production schedule with that of BBAC. Through logic material supply and production arrangements, BHAP succeeded in solving all key and difficult issues, thereby completing its supply and development missions satisfactorily. The materials collected by BHAP from domestic and foreign sources with much effort greatly facilitated work and production resumption of BBAC. Cooperation and friendship between the parties were greatly strengthened.


Langfang Leoni Harness has assumed its duties with great courage, and successfully completed tasks of pandemic control and customer supply without any compromise. While fulfilling industrial missions, it has always guaranteed stable supplies to customers.


Beijing Adient has maintained strict quality control procedures and constantly excellent performance. It provides BBAC with reliable supporting services, and creates strong momentum for the development of BBAC.

BHAP will focus on future trends of automobile industry, speed up implementation of transformations, seek breakthroughs through with intrinsic impetus, and fulfill our industrial missions with higher-quality services. By constantly providing first-class products and technologies, BHAP will make every car and each trip enjoyable, and march steadily towards the vision of becoming “a systematized automotive core parts solution provider with global influence”.