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BHAP Became One of the First Core Members of Software Defined Vehicles (SDV) Working Group of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers

01月22日 2021

In the recent T10-ICV-CTO Technical Workshop held by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, BHAP was invited and became one of the first core members of Software Defined Vehicles (SDV) working group.


SDV working group aims to grasp future trends of software defined vehicles, to seek coordination among OEMs and other enterprises across the industrial chain to jointly define new future-oriented automotive structures, and to advance development of hardware and software ecological systems as well as onboard applications and innovation.

Strategically positioned in the directions of high-grade, precision, and advanced products, BHAP has progressed remarkably in its innovation, transformation, adaptation, and upgrading. Creation of internal driving force has enabled it to achieve major breakthroughs. In the field of intelligence, priority has been given to implementation of projects for development of cutting-edge technologies and construction of core business chains. Independent innovation capabilities have evolved rapidly as a result. In the future, BHAP will work closely with other member organizations of the working group to speed up commercialization of intelligent vehicles in terms of basic digital platforms, architectures, and ecological systems, thus contributing to growth of intelligent connected vehicle industry in China.


Make every car and each trip enjoyable! We are in an era being shaped by fundamental changes that have never occurred in the past century, and by opportunities arising from new scientific, technical, and industrial revolutions. In this background, BHAP will focus on key automotive part and product technologies, and seek close collaboration and joint innovation with OEMs and other partners in the industrial chain. On this basis, BHAP will march steadily towards the target of becoming a systematized automotive core parts solution provider with global influence.